Membership Application Procedure

Interested businessmen intending to get Membership of Rangpur Chamber of Commerce & Industry (RCCI) may collect Membership Application Form from the RCCI Secretariat Prior to submit the  Application Form has to be deposited in favour of RCCI Secretariate. Application must be written in the letterhead pad of respective interested organization to the Secretary, RCCI along a pay order in favor of "Rangpur Chamber of Commerce & Industry (RCCI)" and the completed Application Form. Applicant will be duly informed about the membership confirmation by the RCCI Secretariat.

List of Attached Documents

The following documents should be enclosed with the Application Form:

            Copy of Current Trade License

            Copy of Current Assessment TIN Certificate

            Copy of Bank Solvency Certificate

            Copy of Partnership Deed (applicable for partnership organization)

            Copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association (applicable for limited Company)

            Copy of Certificate of Incorporation (applicable for limited Company)

            Copy of National Identity Card

            Recently taken Passport size photograph (2 copy)

N.B: The photocopy of all documents must be signed by the applicants with the seal of concerned organization and original copy of all documents must be shown. Any alternation of Application or overwriting or using of fluid will not be granted.

Membership Subscription

General Group (Limited Firm):           

New Membership Fee-5150.00 Taka        

Renewal Fee 4150.00 Taka

General Group (Proprietorship/Partnership):           

New Membership Fee-2400.00 Taka        

Renewal Fee 1400.00 Taka

Associate Group:

New Membership Fee-1200.00 Taka

Renewal Fee-800.00 Taka

Trade Group:

New Membership Fee-14400.00 Taka

Renewal Fee-7400.00 Taka